by Proimpact in Crossfit

The Facilities

Alpha Gym offers a highly sophisticated setup to put people on a fast track to achieve their health goals.

Spread across two floors, the Alpha Gym has one floor completely populated by Rogue fitness equipment dedicated to cross fit games. In fact, it is the only gym in Libya to offer such an extensive and elaborate cross fit set up. This floor is also home to patrons interested in power lifting, calisthenics, and free weights.

The second floor of the gym has been designed for bodybuilding and general fitness with hammer strength machines, Hoist Life fitness equipment, and so on.

Alpha Gym is a place where people reclaim their fitness under the supervision of awesome trainers. It is also a place for people who believe in wholesome fitness to meet and inspire each other to overcome the next challenge their body throws at them.

Alpha Gym is not just a gym. It is a philosophy for living a better life.

ProimpactThe Facilities