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Who is Raif Wafa?

Alpha Gym operates under the leadership of Raif Wafa. Parisian by birth, athletic since the age of six. He played in different clubs including football, kickboxing, basketball and tennis. After graduating with a degree in sales & marketing, raif came down to Libya in 2010 and it was here that he was introduced to fitness and bodybuilding .

That’s right! He was 21 at, weighed a measly 49 kilos and had never touched a weight in his life. In 2011, he committed himself to fitness – visiting different gyms, acquiring knowledge through books and other resources. In 2012, he started training himself Crossfit equipment in his own garden. He also learned Muay Thai from Thailand for one month every year. He also earned online Crossfit certification, Crossfit CFL1 Attendance certificate, and more.

He learnt new techniques, experimented on himself and got amazing results. Finally after three years, in December 2015, he felt he was ready for passing the knowledge forward through his own creation, Alpha Gym. He also brought in more skilled people like him to build it up. That is the reason that the fitness coaches at Alpha Gym are the masters of their specialties.

Mohammed is the assistant head coach of cross fit and Nayrouz is the in-charge of the fitness and cross fit for women. There are 2 receptionists on the team who are the first point of contact for all patrons.

ProimpactWho is Raif Wafa?